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by Winfried Honig

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behind language

in the attitude

of the speaker. As a little boy of two, Winnie was taught a mysterious secret, without words, behind words. When he was about 40, he recognized the secret in his family name, Ho-n-ey, Honi, Honig, O I Now, entering the age of wisdom, at roundabout 80, the linguist and dictionary maker, after 6 decades of research in the art and practice of dictionary making, he provides an algorythm for students, to look behind language while an ever-increasing word-book, The Book of Words, is taking shape on the onlooker's personal computer. By the touch of the fingers of your very own hand, in front of your very own eyes. With you, becoming aware of the language, the insight into language will appear and grow, as the largest and greatest sampling dictionary ever being, is being built, on your very own PC. When Winnie let the code run on his PC in December 2006, his harddisk had an overflow on a linking dictionary, which is no more than a subset of the sampling dictionary. At the beginning, there was the word. The word was in silence. Silence was the word. Out of this, silence, all other words have become. Here are some of the statistics. As of today, 23rd of September 2007, my largest sampling dictionary of English (done by Winfried Honig's algorythm) consists of well beyond 20 Gigabytes of data, more than my counter will grasp, sorry. It's growing, increasing in size, getting larger and larger, ever more. There are 184 events of samples beginning with "make" in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. There are over 3,000 events beginning with "make" in the Works of Mark Twain. There are over 9,000 events beginning with 'make' in the works of Martin Luther. There are over 31,000 events beginning with 'make' in the language spoken at the European Parliament. There are over 82,000 events beginning with 'make' in Mr Honey's dictionary of 38 million entries. (Will take same time to load!) There are over 345,000 events beginning with 'make', not accounting for any entries that contain 'make' somewhere else, not at the very beginning, such as 'watchmaker'. (Will take considerable time to load! May take 8 minutes!) There are over 390,000 events beginning with 'make'. (Will take even longer! Have patience. May take 12 minutes!) Creation of database entries in the above sampling dictionaries by Winfried Honig. The term "sampling dictionary" by Winfried Honig. Winfried Honig estimates his linking dictionary might grow well beyond 100 Gigabytes within 3 months. How can he share this dictionary with the millions of students of English world-wide ? ? ? ? The worlds largest and greatest book, as large as you want it, on your very own PC. O I 1 0 Recommended for the Guiness Book of Records
Winfried Honig, Franz-Reichel-Ring 12 90473 Nürnberg, Germany Phone: 0911 - 80 84 45

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