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The Program

Dictionary is a language translation and definition program for PalmOS and WinCE handheld computers. It is simple to use and very fast.

NEW - Dictionary now has a selection of English language definition dictionaries. These range in size from 770Kb up to 5.7Mb with 109,000 entries! You'll need some serious RAM in your Palm for that one!!

NEW - Dictionary now has support for expansion cards! Only VFS compatible cards are supported. This includes the Palm SD card, Sony Memory Stick, and Handera CF cards. You can use the Palm Install Tool to HotSync directly to the card and it is immediately accesible by Dictionary. If you have many modules loaded on your Palm at once this will save a lot of RAM since only the currently active module is loaded into RAM.

This program is Shareware. You can download it and try it before you decide to purchase. You only have to pay for the program - all language modules are FREE! Download and use as many as you need.

Download the program here.

Registration details are here.

View the User Guide here:

FREE Translation Modules

Name Size Entries Has phrases? Courtesy Of
English-Hawaiian 130K 4,807 Yes Adam Schneider
Japanese-English 1,569K 58,657 No J.W. Breen
English-Bengali 26K 1,204 Yes Amos
English-Russian Big Requires Russian localisation, Codepage-1251 1,396K 41,407 No Boris Pinsker
WordNet English-English Synonyms 1,416K 45,484 No WordNet
WordNet English-English Definitions 5,738K 109,377 No WordNet
WordNet English-English Definitions 2,739K 57,099 No WordNet
WordNet English-English Definitions 2,357K 48,708 No WordNet
WordNet English-English Definitions 1,845K 38,533 No WordNet
WordNet English-English Definitions 1,400K 28,900 No WordNet
WordNet English-English Definitions 776K 18,693 No WordNet
Mr Honey's Banking Dictionary (English-German) 352K 12,312 No Winfried Honig, Mr Honey
Mr Honey's Beginner Dictionary (English-German) 135K 5,930 No Winfried Honig, Mr Honey
Mr Honey's Correspondence Dictionary (English-German) 134K 3,276 No Winfried Honig, Mr Honey
Mr Honey's Insurance Dictionary (English-German) 82K 2,436 No Winfried Honig, Mr Honey
Mr Honey's Large Business Dictionary (English-German) 1,280K 44,297 No Winfried Honig, Mr Honey
Mr Honey's Medium Business Dictionary (English-German) 613K 21,056 No Winfried Honig, Mr Honey
Mr Honey's First Banking Dictionary (English-German) 143K 4,756 No Winfried Honig, Mr Honey
Mr Honey's Small Business Dictionary (English-German) 151K 5,731 No Winfried Honig, Mr Honey
Mr Honey's Work Study Dictionary (English-German) 183K 5,395 No Winfried Honig, Mr Honey
Mr Honey's First Touristic Dictionary (English-German) 63K 2,033 No Winfried Honig, Mr Honey
English Tagalog 44K 1,719 No Ergane
Dutch to Italian 190K 9,403 No Jean-Paul Horn from Ergane
Railway Terms German-English 119K 3,535 No Ulrich Bock
English-Serbian 519K 21,583 Yes Jasna Bondzulic and Nemanja Bondzulic
English-Czech 93K 4,719 No Jan Kejval
Mandarin-English Includes Chinese charactors + Mandarin pinyin + English translation. Requires Chinese localisation. 1023K 21,500 No Ming-gang Mo
English-Russian Requires Russian localisation, Codepage-1251 514K+364K 15,700 + 12,700 No Andrey Ozerov
English-Vietnamese Requires Vietnamese localisation. PocketPC font included. 520K 20,000 No Ngo The Hoang
Duetsh-Vietnamese Requires Vietnamese localisation. PocketPC font included. 766K 26,000 No Thomas Klaey
English-Italian 97K 5,400 No Bruno Blazic
Indonesian-German 31K 950 Yes Stefan Beyer
Scottish Gaelic-English 209K 5,400 No Micheal Black
Dos Mundos English-Spanish 104K 3,600 No Bruce Gaither
Africaans-German 119K 3,800 No FreeDict
Danish-English 100K 4,000 No FreeDict
German-French 195K 8,200 No FreeDict
English-French 238K 8,800 No FreeDict
English-Irish 69K 2,700 No FreeDict
English-Latin 74K 3,000 No FreeDict
English-Netherlands 310K 7,800 No FreeDict
English-Spanish 146K 5,900 No FreeDict
English-Swedish 143K 5,500 No FreeDict
English-Welsh 49K 2,100 No FreeDict
French-English 218K 7,900 No FreeDict
French-German 190K 6,100 No FreeDict
French-Nederland 374K 9,750 No FreeDict
German-Italian 97K 4,450 No FreeDict
German-Nederland 475K 12,900 No FreeDict
German-Portugese 245K 8,700 No FreeDict
Irish-English 27K 1,200 No FreeDict
Japanese-German 21K 450 No FreeDict
Latin-German 50K 1,800 No FreeDict
Latin-English 71K 2,300 No FreeDict
Nederlands-German 539K 17,300 No FreeDict
Nederlands-English 666K 22,800 No FreeDict
Nederlands-French 428K 16,800 No FreeDict
Portuguese-German 259K 8,300 No FreeDict
Scotish-German 20K 250 No FreeDict
Slovak-English 24K 800 No FreeDict
Spanish-English 172K 4,500 No FreeDict
Swahili-English 23K 600 No FreeDict
Swedish-English 125K 5,200 No FreeDict
Turkish-German 25K 940 No FreeDict
Turkish-English 26K 1,000 No FreeDict
Welsh-English 24K 730 No FreeDict
English-Croatian 27K 1,000 Yes Bruno Blazic
Czech-German 3.3M 152,006 No Vladek Pavelka
English-Hungarian & Hungarian-English 2.8M 82,000 No Fábián Gábor
Deutsch - Niederländisch 514K 13,103 No Horst Eyermann
English-German 90K 3,300 Yes
English-German #2 249K 9,200 Yes
German-English #3 2.8M 123,000 No Andreas Gohr
English-Deutsch #4 528K 26,168 No Tom Grahl
Technical English-German 97K 7,000 No Tom Grahl
English-Thai 20K 600 Yes Jim Seid
English-Swedish 53K 2,000 Yes
English-French 126K 6,400 No
English-Dutch 173K 8,300 No
English-Spanish 44K 2,600 No
English-Spanish #2 109K 8,000 No
English-Spanish #3 412K 19,000 No Antón Lázaro, Dionisio
English-Japanese 40K 1,800 No
English-Japanese #2 126K 7,400 No David S. Griffiths
English-Portugese 88K 6,100 No
English-Portugese #2 416K 23,700 No Hans Karl May Zimmer
English-Mandarin 23K 1,400 No
English-Mandarin #2 624K 21,484 No Minggang Mo
English-Danish 65K 4,300 No AndrewJ
German-Italian 103K 5,300 No
Norwegian-English 130K 8,600 No Bertie Prinsen
English-Slovak 130K 8,600 No Milan Hupka
English-Esperanto 354K 15,000 No Jimmy Thrasher
Indonesian-English 390K 15,000 Yes Glen Patrick Babington
Deutsch-Espanol 327K 14,000 No Markus Biewer

Make Your Own Modules

Download MakeDict - a FREE companion program (Windows 95,98/NT 4/ Win2000) for Dictionary. Now you can make dictionary databases of you own. Look in the help file of 'Dictionary' for documentation.

NEW - MakeDict can now winnow the entries in a module using a wordlist. This can be useful if you have a very large module and would like to make a smaller module that uses less RAM.

NEW - MakeDict can now import ergane export files! Check out their web site for free language modules.

Share Your Modules

Do you have a dictionary module you'd like to share with other users of this program? If you do then please send an email to us at support@evolutionary.net. If you supply a dictionary we need (a language we don't have or a larger size than we already have) then we will give you a free registration key for the program! Note that you must have the legal right to publish the data you provide.

Talking Dictionaries

Do you want a specialised handheld dictionary that can offer you more than a Palm or PocketPC? How about a talking dictionary? Check out these models from Ectaco.

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