For me, reading a wordlist
is "deep prayer".
You don't have to be a Christian
nor a priest to be able to do this.

When I created my first product,
a sort of a medicine, well,
no more than a cough mixture,
I created it praying.

At night I went into the warehouse
where the bottles were stored,
touched every bottle with silent
words of prayer blessing the future
receiver of this heavenly gift and
wishing him health and happiness.

The cough sirup of mine
was to become world-famous,
a blessing to the sick.

For me reading a word-list
is blessing the words
and blessing the people that
would use the words of the

In the silence of the night
I give in a searchword.
Then I take in and pass on
the words as I breathe,
twice for each line,
breathing in a phrase,
breathing out the translation,
breathing in the translation,
breathing out the original phrase.

Well, I was to become a priest.
At the monastery I found that
there is a way of staying with people
and communicate,
breathing in and breathing out,
taking in the secret
and passing it on to others
as a blessing.

You don't have to believe in that.
You may be an atheist.
It works yust the same.

This photo of Albert Schweitzer and Abbe Pierre I received through my father from Pierre when they met at the home of Albert Schweitzer.
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